Broken Rusty Lock with Missing Key - Restoration

פורסם בתאריך 20 דצמ 2019
In this video i'm restoring an old broken and rusty Padlock.

This Padlock was sent to me by one of my subsrcibers from Italy. Right when I saw the picture I knew I want to restore this lock and I was impatiently waiting for the package to arrive. I found out that his padlock was made in Germany by Kamp in the 1930s. The lock was very rusty, the key was missing and it seemed to be broken. It was also very rusty inside, all moving parts were stuck and the closing mechanism was broken. Due to the amount of damage on the case due to rust I decided to paint it. This way I can use filler to achieve a nice finish, otherwise I'd had to sand all pitting off and there was just not enough material left to do so. The plates from the mechanism were damaged a lot too, but they were all still functional. So I only removed all sharp edges and gave them a nice bluing finish for rust protection. The aluminium part, where the key comes in was damaged a lot too and had a lot of play in the case. If I would sand it clean it would get even more play. For those reasons I decided to make a new one, I choose bronze because it would fit better to the overall look at the end. Making the key was quite a challenge, but it turned out very well and it actually worked. In my opinion the padlock turned out very well and I'm very happy with the endresult.

I hope you like my work and the video.

Huge thank you to all of my Patreon and PayPal supporters and specially to:

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00:00 preview
00:39 disassembling
02:09 showing all the parts
02:22 cleaning the parts with the parts washer
02:50 sandblasting
03:29 restoring the case
06:18 restoring the shackle
07:38 making two brass parts to support the shackle sideways
08:17 restoring the plates
08:58 remaking the broken part
10:09 making a new spring
10:53 making new pins on the lathe
11:37 making three rings for the blind rivets
12:08 making a new front cover
13:34 making a new part for the key on the lathe and mill
15:19 making a new key
18:12 showing the parts before reassembling
18:31 reassembling
20:25 showing the finished restoration
21:05 final test

Time and costs of this restoration:

I was working on this project for 2 week
$10 steel for the frontplate and closing mechanism
$10 steel for the pins and key
$50 paint
$25 rivets

My camera:
Panasonic HC-V180

If you have any questions about the process, machines i'm using or other stuff, just ask me in the comments. I read them all and i try to reply as soon as possible.

Sorry for my bad english, it's not my language. I try my best to improve my technical english.

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Thank you for watching :-)

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