Antique Rusty Hand Plane - Restoration

פורסם בתאריך 26 ספט 2019
In this video i'm restoring an antique Stanley hand plane.

My friend has found this very old Stanley hand plane at the steel waste. When I saw it the first time at his place I wanted to restore it immediately, so I bought it for $10. This Stanley no. 122 hand plane was manufactured from 1877 until 1918, it's at least 101 years old. This plane is from the „liberty bell“ series, they were first produced in 1876 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the American Declaration of Independence (1776). That's the reason why the liberty bell is imprinted on the lever cap.
As I'm not a woodworker at all and I've never used a hand plane before in my life, I had to do a lot of research how this thing even works to understand the function of each part. It turned out that the iron and the backing iron were assembled wrongly and there was also one part missing, which holds both of these parts together. As the iron was an original Stanley part, it wasn't the correct one for this plane. The bigger hole in the slot was on the wrong end, that's why I made a new one.
I tried to keep as many parts as possible original on this restoration. I only replaced two small screws, made the missing part and a new iron.

I hope you like my work and the video.

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00:00 preview
00:37 disassembling
02:08 showing all the parts
02:24 cleaning the parts with the parts washer
02:40 removing the old paint with paint stripper
03:13 soaking the parts in rust remover
03:28 washing the wooden parts with warm soapy water
03:47 showing the cleaned parts
03:55 restoring the wooden body
05:59 removing the stuck thread
06:27 restoring the cast body
06:53 restoring the lever cap
07:06 restoring the lever
07:30 restoring the lever cap screw
07:47 sandblasting
09:01 applying filler
09:29 applying two component primer
09:42 applying two component black coat
10:05 restoring the shaft with slot
10:39 restoring the pin from the lever
11:00 making a new iron on the milling machine
12:22 hardening and tempering the iron
13:30 restoring the backing iron
14:02 restoring the depth adjuster part
14:29 restoring the nut
14:53 making the missing part on the lathe
15:51 making the three small parts black
16:10 restoring the wooden knob
17:05 restoring the big screw from the wooden knob
17:27 replacing the two small screws
17:54 showing all the parts before reassembling
18:12 reassembling
20:16 showing the finished restoration
21:17 final test

Time and costs of this restoration:

I was working on this project for 2.5 weeks
$10 hand plane
$40 painting (primer and black coat)
$5 steel for the iron
$1 two small screws

My camera:
Panasonic HC-V180

If you have any questions about the process, machines i'm using or other stuff, just ask me in the comments. I read them all and i try to reply as soon as possible.

Sorry for my bad english, it's not my language. I try my best to improve my technical english.

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Thank you for watching :-)

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